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Registration Form: Global Protection End-of-Year Event 2022 - Access that Protects: An Agenda for Change

The Global Protection Cluster’s End-of-Year Event, entitled Access that Protects: An Agenda for Change, will highlight the urgency and impact of protection work being done in complex crises all around the world, including in relation to the foundational role of sustained access. The majority of protection cluster operations estimate that protection services can reach and be reached by, on average, 25% to 50% of those in need. The GPC, together with members and allies, is striving to counter such trends and support a step change in access that protects  – to shift behaviours, policies and practices in ways that enable communities to better access the protection supports and services they need amidst crisis.

In this event, Samuel Cheung, the GPC’s Coordinator, will officially launch the GPC’s Agenda for Change on Access that Protects, highlighting the policy and practice change priorities that have been collaboratively developed with protection experts, both frontline practitioners and policy-makers, throughout the year. Key protection allies, including donors, Member States, and partners, will be invited to share their own priorities and commitments in relation to access that protects and the Agenda for Change.

The event will have interpretation in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Read more about the event here.


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